As of about an hour ago! Well, he was dancing before, but it was mostly Tina Turner style (you know, "Private Dancer"? as in, he only danced for me) but now you can feel it FROM THE OUTSIDE. (now imagine I just whispered that. something tells me its the right thing to do.) Unfortunately, David is out. Like a Rock. (Ford style).  When I was little, I thought that commercial said "Lacquer up" and even though thinking back, it never made since, I still didn't ask.  I guess that shouldn't surprise me since in the kid's church song that says "In the pretty garden the flowers are nodding" I was always singing "the flowers are naughty" and that didn't make much sense either...


  1. Ha! This post made me laugh. Love you.

  2. hahaha you are hilarious. i want to say that i'm sorry for being the worlds biggest flake!!! will you forgive me? utah is always so crazy and now that i have wells - people/family are extra crazy about hanging out with him. but more importantly congratssss!!!!!! such terrific news. boys are the best. ahhh i'm so happy for you two. i am dying to see you - first when are you due? we are going to san fran for christmas but you're probably coming here? hopefully our lives will cross paths sometime in the near future! we need these boys to meet! congrats again and of course he's a little tina turner. love you doll!