Babies Need A Lot of Stuff!

After traveling around the country last month and getting ready to leave again this month for Thanksgiving time, I began to stress about all of the things that we don't have for baby.  Maybe I don't need to stress, but when everyone keeps asking "have you got this yet?" or "have you got that?" it gets to me. I've started worrying that instead of coming right on time or late, baby will try to come three weeks early and we will be completely unprepared.  As much as David and I have the same taste, I still don't want to send him out to buy a carseat while I am in the hospital. So far we have the following items:

1. Wipes

Okay, that's all that we have! We don't even have a thermometer, or one of those nose bulbs for baby boogers, or onesies, or diapers, or hydrogen peroxide to clean that nasty leftover from the umbilical cord! Luckily Grandma Dance bought Tiny one layette and some swaddlers, so he will have something to be wrapped up in.  I have looked at a lot of baby websites and done a lot of research, but there is a fundamental problem with my makeup: I HAVE EXPENSIVE TASTE. Usually, this isn't an issue, but when it comes to baby things, everything is expensive already and I can't just like it and leave it. I HAVE TO BUY THINGS FOR BABY.  Even worse than that, people seem to like putting their babies in horrifically printed car seats and strollers so the less money you pay, the more tragic the print. David didn't believe me when I told him this or when I would show him what I had found for a "reasonable price."  I finally found a stroller I loved that was on sale on one of those special membership only sale websites (which requires nothing to get a membership but an email address), but it still felt expensive!  I let it sit in my cart for weeks. Literally, weeks.  David even told me to buy it, but I just couldn't. I just kept letting it sit there.  Then Saturday, I determined that we needed to start going out and looking around. The internet was not cutting it. So we took a trip. We went to Babies 'R Us just to get a feel of what our options were. And to Target. We didn't buy a thing, but we did overcome one obstacle: David finally agreed that we needed to spend a little bit more money because "All of those cribs were disgusting and those strollers were dumb." Hahahahaha. So, we bought the stroller. It should be coming in the mail in the next two weeks. One thing down.  Now we need a carseat. That way no matter what happens, they will still let us bring Tiny home from the hospital. I realize that this seems to be a first-world problem, but when you have to let them inspect how your carseat is installed before you can bring your little one home, it is a legitimate problem nonetheless. Maybe in the next week I will buy a few onesies and diapers or something. That couldn't hurt anyone, I'm sure.  Also, maybe I should think about packing a bag for the hospital. Everyone seems to do that. I'm just sort of a procrastinator. Only its hard to procrastinate when you don't have a specific deadline.... wish me luck.


  1. Ahhhh. Is it weird that I still can't believe you're pregnant? Also, we need to talk sometime. I have things to tell you and I'm sure you have the same. Love and miss your face.

  2. meh... I procrastinated on the hospital bag thing too. I don't think I packed until the day before my induction, lol. (I always felt like the bag thing was just what they portrayed in the movies haha) The only thing I always kept with me all the time, just in case, were my hospital papers and a camera..

    And as far as all the other stuff goes, other than adorable clothes I felt I just HAD to have, I don't think I actually got all the necessities until those last 3 wks or so. Some people just like to be super duper prepared I guess.. maybe talk to someone who has had a baby (friend, sis, mom) and just make a master list, including all the stuff you'd never thought about before hand (from something like a crib, all the way down to Desitin haha). it made things so much easier after my sister actually sat me down to do that lol..

    Anyways, cute blog! and hooray for babies! they are so fun. HARDER THAN HECK, but fun. ;) you will be a great mom, I just know it. miss ya!

    ps- sry it's such a long comment!