The other day, while looking at various photography blogs in honor of our camera purchase, I ran across this fantastic photographer from TEXAS! Dallas, even! Her blog was littered with pictures of people in Blue Bonnet Fields, which made me so jealous and miss Texas so much, that even though I don't know her from Adam, I still commented on one of the posts and expressed the sentiments her gorgeous pictures in the Blue Bonnets evoked.  (see her pictures here)  Then today was such a beautiful day, I walked home from church and noticed THESE right on our little patch of nothing next to the carport!

Well, I'm not sure what they're called... I feel like I should remember, but I don't... but they REMIND me of Blue Bonnets.  SO, even though they aren't the Texas state flower, I feel like God loves me because they're growing on my patch of nothing. Not on our neighbor's patch, not anyone else's patch on our block, just OURS!! And tonight, we are going to eat dinner at someone's house from Texas (whom I love very much) with other people from Texas, whom I also love very much. Just saying. I love Texas. I'm not ashamed of it. I miss Texas. I'm still not ashamed. My boyfriend (husband in case you're confused) is from Texas, so sometimes you just get lucky on all counts.

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