Park City, anyone?

Today we went skiing. I would like to emphasize the WE in relation to the SKI. It was my first time on snow skis. And although it is NOTHING like snowboarding, it wasn't half bad. Actually, it was great. I particularly loved the SLOW zones. Only I think the signs should be altered. Instead of reading "SLOW zone" it should say "SLOW zone. NO SHOWING OFF."  Because most of the people in that slow zone are bunny-ing it. First timers, wannabes, trying to gain enough confidence to get going on their skis or their board, and those boarders who are just mediocre think it is a great time to be better than someone. I felt for the guy who was leafing down the mountain slower than I've ever seen anyone leaf, probably in his 50s, who got dominated by some 13-year-old boarders who, in the slow zone, decided to treat the side of the hill like a half-pipe. Their friend, a few hundred feet down the way, had attempted the same thing only to run into a pole and have to be taken off in a stretcher. Yet another reason to not show off in the slow zone--if you get injured, you're going to regret it.

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