and for my next trick....

Well, things are finally coming together! The invitations are out--hopefully they'll arrive to everyone in one piece! Pictures Saturday morning, shower Saturday day, and then countdown! Finally, we can say we are getting married THIS MONTH.  It's amazing how distance makes time go by incredibly slowly.

In other news, the part-ay is going to be AWESOME. I am so excited for everyone to come, hang out, and have a blast. We have so many family and friends coming, that I've gotten emotional a time or two.  There are people who won't be able to make it that we wish could be there, but it will be so nice to have so many celebrating with us.

The most difficult thing right now is the MUSIC. We have opted to purchase music instead of hire a DJ, so we are crunch time to make two ULTIMATE playlists! One for the mingling and one for the dancing.  If you have any suggestions, we will take them AND use them. This is your one chance for requests because once the party has started, there is no going back--it is shuffle all the way. 

So far, I've received a request for Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt (a classic, of course), "Grand ole' Flag", and "Jingle Bells".  I'm thrilled.  If the requests continue to be this fantastic, we are in for a real treat!

Leave your suggestions after the tone.


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